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Anonymous said: Can't remember if you posted anything on this or not (and I apologize if you have!) but do you have any tips for reducing razor burn, especially in the bikini area?

I believe I have but I mustn’t have tagged it properly cause I can’t find it lol.

The key to reducing razor burn is moisturising, especially around the bikini area. You should use a conditioner instead of a shaving foam/soap as this will help to moisturise the skin during shaving as well as softening the hairs - you should shave in the direction of hair growth on the bikini area rather than against it (like you would on your legs), and only go over each section once to prevent unnecessary irritation (hence the importance of keeping your blades sharp). You can moisturise straight away while you’re still in the shower as well as once you get out. Using pure aloe vera gel can also help reduce the bumps. Look for gentle moisturisers containing vitamin e, and aloe vera/cocoa butter, or moisturisers specifically for use on the bikini area.

Alternatively, you can avoid razor burn altogether by using a hair removal cream instead. It requires a lot less maintainance after and regrowth isn’t as quick, but make sure that you use a cream specifically for bikini/underarm areas and do a patch test first, and always remember to moisturise afterwards.

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