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A Sad (?) Announcement

Hey everyone, I feel kind of bad to tell you that FYBS is going on an indefinite hiatus.

I’ve had a lot of fun sharing beauty tips and secrets with you during this time but right now with everything else going on in my life, running this blog feels a lot more like a chore than a passion and that really isn’t how I want it to be. So I hope you’ll understand if I want to take a break to regain the love I had for this blog when I started it.

For now I’ve closed the ask box but I hope you can still find any answers you may need through the search box, categories page, or the archives; if your answer isn’t there I apologise (and if I’ve left your question unanswererd I apologise profulsely).

If you want to keep in touch you can find me on my personal blog, my personal fashion blog, on twitter @vessiecakes, or my youtube, but if not I hope we can meet again soon.

Thank you for all your love and support until now and hopefully we’ll meet again soon.

Stay Beautiful!
Vanessa xoxo 


I haven’t made a youtube video in ages.


Do you want to see anything? Tutorials? Things? What?


Anonymous said: Any secrets to making your hair grow faster?

Take care of it and make sure you’re washing your scalp properly. Nothing will make your hair grow faster than it’s genetically programmed to.


Anonymous said: How can I make my eyeliner last longer? It seems to smear within half an hour, and I constantly have to go over it

What eyeliner are you using? The easiest solution is probably to try something a bit more long-lasting :)


Anonymous said: Do you have any perfume recommendations?

I don’t actually wear perfume so no, sorry~



I have a fashion blog too!


revolutionheart said: To make small eyes look bigger, invest in a good quality eyelash curler! I have really small eyes and never had very long eyelashes. I actually spent the time to grow them (using any of the eyelash growth serums out there PLUS conditioning them with a little bit of coconut oil every night) and after using a curler, my eyes look a lot bigger. A thin dash of eyeliner, no longer than the width of your iris, right in the middle of your eyelid, also helps create the illusion of a larger eye.


Anonymous said: I have a very pale skin and it's very hard for me to use make up, because every pouder/foundation makes my face looking unantural dark. Do you know a makeup brand which sales foundations or puders for very light skinned people?


There’s a range called Dainty Doll by Nicola Roberts which is aimed at us paleys but personally I don’t really like their foundations on their own. The best way to go about it in my opinion is to just mix your own, get a foundation close to your skintone and then lighten it with something too pale (eg. I use L’Oreal True Match in Rose Ivory mixed with a little bit of the Dainty Doll stuff, and a friend of mine lightens hers with MAC face & body foundation in white). Illamasqua also have a white face powder which you could apply on top of a darker foundation to lighten it up (they also have really pale foundations but again the consistancy of it is horrible, maybe whatever ingredients they need to make it pale are just really thick and gross?)


circadium said: I normally have a pixie cut and went in to my hairdresser yesterday to get my roots done. She said she was going to trim my hair and when she turned me around I had a guy's haircut (it almost looks like a grown out crew cut). Is there anything I can do to make my hair grow out faster now that it's an inch long? :(

There isn’t really a way to make your hair grow faster, but to ensure that it grows at its maximum speed make sure you’re washing your actual scalp thoroughly when you wash it (shouldn’t be hard with short hair!) and brush it daily to stimulate blood circulation to the follicles.